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Vancouver bc dust free hardwood floor sanding with the finest American hardwood floor Sanding and vacuuming tools made by Clarke American by Ahf All Hardwood floor ltd tm    AHF-All HArdwood Floor Ltd..the beauty of wood Dustless sanding Dust free sanding North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver BC  NWFA Member AHF-AllHardwoodFloor Ltd TM

The experts at AHF AllHardwoodFloor LTD TM have made it their business to know everything there is to know about the hardwood flooring products they sell

They understand that the discerning hardwood flooring customer isn’t just looking for the best price – they’re looking for the best price on a quality product



DUSTLESS SANDING All finishes  All Hardwood Applications Complete on schedule contracts

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Allhardwoodfloor ltd believes in optimum Quality

including Ethics and service

We use Clarke American floor sanding tools

these are the Industry Standard because of their  design weight and power

A Hummel is only a finishing sander meant for the fine pass only it weights  only160lbs and cost about $5000.00 making it cheap enough for and entry level machine

Many other companies do not angle sand their  floors leaving a less flattened look with the rolling scalloped grain effect,

Trowelling of finish offers the best look

again most other floor companies do not trowel the finish over the bare wood

Its very important to maintain certain standards and consistency.

Glitsa (TM) Swedish finish is the conversion Varnish that is widely used all over the world

It is also a one of a kind conversion Varnish in a three component system where the under coating

Is a two component mix and contains a light amber tone delivery is about 300 sqft per gallon

The gold seal top coat is an opaque or cloudy transparent with no amber tone and contains the tuff stuff

\when applied over each other during a certain duration the two different kinds of solvents meld and create a toned down look where you cannot see the heavy built up look .Swedish finish implies a soft subtle looking finish. The nicest looking most durable awesome finish available.

There are not very many Hardwood floor trade people who know the secrets to success  when applying this product, Up until the early Eighties BC hardwood had the sole distribution rights to this product

As a Protégé of Ray Crompton and starting in the business as an apprentice with them I had the opportunities that  are just not available today especially when it comes to mentorship and practical experience . Now thirty years later I am the Dominant Hardwood floor layer sander finisher

And Glitsa(TM) Swedish finish is the dominant Floor coating They also pave the way in the water based and water borne products.

People fear the formaldehyde in the product which is actually one sixth of one percent.

The aroma is the die butyl alcohol and the toluene

There are lots of alternatives to Conversion varnishes such as Basic Coatings (TM) Street Shoe A 2 component water borne finish

Available in all sheens and a non slip finish suitable for Gymnasium coating which I rate as third place

In a residence or a gymnasium A word on sanding floors with vacuum hoses to a dust containment

I have been sanding floors for thirty years .there are circumstances where the DUST FREE HOSES sanding is compromised

And an old fashioned sanding bag  will still need to be employed

You see the machine variable are set the weight power and speed in revolutions

Sure you can adjust the downwards pressure the tension. And you can adjust the amount of new cut per pass

But you must have the ability to move quickly depending on what species of Hard wood or soft wood  floors you are sanding. If you want optimum results some times called over the industry standard put forth by the NWFA National Wood Floor Association

Call me Ken Moersch   AHF All Hardwood Floor Ltd tm

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